Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Conclusions

Hi…. I am ila, today I would like to continue about my conclusions… in my opinion, there are many preventive measures to avoid from being the victim… first, avoid the short cuts through dark or deserted areas… second, be wary who follow or distract you… third, carry your hand bag in front of you or clasp it firmly under your arm and never leave it unattended, especially in crowded places like shoping and hawker centres… Another preventive measure is always walk facing on-coming traffic if possible and hold the hand bag on the side away from the motorist and do not flaunt cash and valuables in public view… if possible if someone telling you that your money dropped on the floor beware because maybe it is just the snatcher trick to snacth your thing…
Walk on five foot ways to avoid being snatch by motorcycle pillion riders.. do not push when boarding the train, bus, cinema or any crowded and busy place to avoid from being snatched… When using the lift, please make sure there is someone with you or look for someone you are familiar, if there is someone following you and you are suspicious about that person, get out the lift immediately… Do not keep your purse in your back pocket when queing to buy tickets to a ball game, bus or train… When on a public transport like bus or train, please do not push or squeeze yourself through, wait until others have gotten in or out… Do not let unknown people place their arms on your shoulder especially when disembarking a public transportation or queuing…
The best punishments for the snatcher is a jail term which may extend to 3 years or fine or both for the person convicted of theft is liable to… for the person convicted of theft with assault or criminal force is liable to a jail term of not less than 1 year and not more than 7 years and caning…

Friday, October 9, 2009

The people that involved in snatch theft

Hai...Anis again.

Some people will be the victim of snatch theft when bring a lot of money and that persons just come out from the bank.Usually, the snatch theft already located the area that they want start that bad activities.Anyways, people were forget or not realised that they were people that keep an eye on them...When the situation appeared, nothing them can do even they shouted loudly.they cash money already gone.

People that walk walking alone always will be snatch theft victim. When they were alone and there nobody else around the corner, this is an opportunity to snatch theft to snatch them and this situation always happened that they robbed and raped.That's sound horrible ,but that were recently happened.The next day, police only found the dead body beside the road or somewhere else.

people that involved in santch theft

Hai...Anis here.I want to add some item more about snatch theft.Who is that could be the culprit?

First,the group that we call "mat rempit". We can see that mat rempit always passing go and come on the road. What exactly they do?No one knows.when this group of guys saw someone that walking alone, the mt rempit usually will disturb that person. Maybe that can be thought as a prank for this group but not for the victim.They will feel that the road that just taking that time not safe anymore to use.As we know mat rempit will do bad activities like having an illegal racing to collect some money or they were challenge to do it.When they were out of money, they will find some way to get snatch people.
Then, the snatch theft also included people that were taking drugs. They was so many kind of drugs, for example, heroin,alcohol,cocaine,ecstasy and mores. Heroin for instance have highly addictive opiate that cause brain cells become dependent on this drug.The users of this drug will make them depend on it in order ti function well in their daily life.Of course, to get drugs they need money, to get money...what they do?snatch people or sometime robbed their own family members.Thats What always occur in this recent life.
Unemployed person included in snatch theft category that always doing something useless in their life.When they have nothing to do,they go out looking for entertainment that could be snatching.Although not all of it, unemployed make some life bored and they do some activities that cheer them up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Conclusion

Haiii..I am Sakinah..Today I would like to post about the conclusion about our group topic, snatch theft.We all know that this problem is become serious in this country because there a lot of case a day by day and what is surprising the public and the government, is much more victims is death because of the snatch theft.What are in my mind is why the snatch theft could possibly have a heart to kill for only RM100 in the bag that they snatch.The snatch theft problem is also hard to be reduce because we do not know when it will happen and who is the person that will do it.Hoping the government to reduce this problem is not fair at all because we as a public should remind ourself to be more careful and alert with our surrounding before we being target.

For the criminal and the snatch theft,snatching is the best way to get money in a short time.This is because,they can get a handphone, wallet,handbag and some money when they are doing that job.People who is involved in the snatch theft is possibly a people who do not have work and a drug addicted.Thats why,they snatching to make sure they can get money in a short time to buy drugs.Statistic for this six month shows that there is averagely 26.33 case have been repoted to the police.This data is getting from the 4766 cases in a same period.This statistic is not include the case that do not been repoted by the victims.For the conclusion,we know that this cases increase all the time.And the sadness is because the snatch theft make a lot of death and injured to the victims.It is so sad to hear that the victims die just because they want to protect what is belong to them.

The snatch theft now is so crucial because they willing to kill.This is what happen to the students from Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman,Lee Khian Yeep, who is death because of the snatch theft.What is happen in this country until the peoples life have become so cheap.

From the context of developing country,the death of Lee Khian Yeep is a big lost to the country.This is because,coutry needs a lot of students to give their contribution to develop country as well as the need of government to make this country become a succesful country in 2020.

Other than that,the increase of this case have also make public lost their trust to the efficient of police in doing their job.This is because there are several people who do not care about this problem and will only act when this case have been expose by media.

To reduce this case,public should not hope the police to do it but also involve when they ask too.Public should be more alert and cooperate with police and do not be afraid.

Lastly,I want to conclude that we must cooperate with the police and government to reduce this case for the safety of this country.Although we cannot react alone,we can be an eye and ear of police to help them.Public can do a report if they saw something or anyone suspicious.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The conclusions of snatch theft

Hai...I'm Anis.Here, I want to make some conclusion of snatch theft.

In the of this discussion, I want to concluded that snatch theft is not a new phenomena in this day...It's already happened years ago and no one could ever avoid it from occur. This because...,there have some people out there were not contributed well to prevent it.Of course many people only cared for itself and their family, but this matter will carrying until the end of our generation and that time it must be worse than this condition.
From the source of wikipedia and free encyclopedia, snatch theft means a criminal act of forcefully stealing from a pedestrians while employing rob-and-runs tactics.It's is typical for two thieves to work together and ride moped or motorcycle to escape easier.a persons steers the vehicles while another does the act of theft itself.However,some snatch theft work alone or do not mope to thieves.
In snatch theft,you all that there have two two sides that involved in snatch theft,there is the culprit and absolutely the victims.The newspapers also carried statistics on the number of snatch thefts. Relying on police statistics, Penang Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon revealed that there had been a total of 515 cases of snatch thefts in Penang between January and May 2004. arrest of 52 people. Meanwhile the Perak CPO reported a total of 374 cases of snatch thefts in his state during January to May 2004 (The Star, 8 July 2004).
There was a few effect of it like accident on the road,death,traumatic and others.By the,how hard that, there still have a of it is for individual.Which is bring a safety handbag especially women of course.But,the men still should do the same...and a few tips more don't put your purse on the table on table while you ate at any restaurant.For the society,please stand for your safe and please think about others too.

The Conclusion

Hi i am ila… there are many definitions of the snatch theft… From the dictionary (Junior English Dictionary ) it means an attempt of seize or stealing… and from the source of the internet ( it means eagerly want to get something or take something without right position… Whatever it is meaning of the snatch theft, in my opinion snatch theft is the crime that did from the people who does not have heart because willing to look another people suffer because of their did…

There are two categories that involved in the snatch theft… The culprit and the victim… The culprit mostly come from man… the jobless people, drug addict, ex-prisoner and the “mat rempit”… Although not all the snatcher come from them but mostly they are from that kind of person… People who are have work also do this crime because they want to get extra money to support their family… Mostly teenagers do this crime because they did not get the money from they parents when they want to buy something… There are also have people who are do this crime because this is their hobby… The victim mostly come from the women who cannot fight them back… Women have attract the snatcher because they always wear too many jewellery…

This problem does not effect the individual, but also effect the society and the country… People who have been snatch will get trauma and physical injured… They also become paralysis..sometimes can cause dead… The public people also scared to go out because they know that outside are not safety anymore… Effect for the country are, the tourist will not come to our country again because they think about their safety.. If tourist does not come to our country it will effect to the our economic because tourism are the one source of money for the country… That’s why we must prevent this problem…

The solution for this problem does not come from the individual, but from the society and the government… The individual especially women can take the action by do not wear too many jewellery, do not go out at the night alone and when go out just bring the important things only… such as purse,identity card and handphone… Society including the school, family members and the public people can play their role… For example, teacher at the school can teach their student how to avoid from being the victim and how to act when they have snatch… The solution also come from the government…Government can upgrade the law and give the heavy punishment such as public caning… So that all the snatcher will get their lesson and did not do this crime again…

In my opinion… we must cooperate among each other to solve this problem.. We also have to worried about our safety, and for the women I always think that it is better if we know how to protect ourselves… Learn the karate, judo “silat” or whatever kind of the sports that can be use to protect oueselves…

Friday, October 2, 2009

The solution of the snatch theft

Hi... i am ila.. i would like to continue about the solution... i think every women should learn how to protect themselves..they can learn taekwando,karate,judo or maybe they can learn "silat".. all this can be use when we are in trouble.. women should know how to protect themselves...

The television station should show the advertisment about how to avoid this crime order to teach the public people about how to act when this crime happen...